LEVE was born out of Zé Ricardo's desire to make a difference in the world through the projects he creates. Zé has been the creator and artistic director of the Sunset Stage of Rock in Rio since 2008 in several countries around the world. He is also artistic director and musical director of Espaço Favela and NAVE of Rock in Rio. He signs the musical curatorship of RIO2C and is the artistic director of GAMEXP's Gênesis Stage. The result of his projects, places him as one of the main names in the artistic direction of Brazil. He created LEVE to meet the huge demand for artistic content that the main brands and events need.

What LEVE does?

LEVE creates exclusive handmade content for major brands and major events. For us, content is king! We believe in partnerships with open and transparent communication. In addition to the artistic direction, LEVE also does all the artistic production of the events, such as hiring artists, sound, lighting, scenography and all the necessary production for the event to happen. Our creativity helps to defend the client's proposal.

What are we?

We are music, creativity, with an eye on diversity, and on gender equality. We believe in the possibility that everyone can dream. Using the infinite paths that art brings us. We want to challenge the impossible, without giving up a smile, the good vibes or the lightness of the soul. LEVE feeds on art and on the desire that music and other artistic expressions can surprise, motivate, touch and transform people.

We have a way of being, thinking, creating
and executing that is only ours.
We find soft solutions for complex challenges.

We believe that every detail makes all the difference. Our team is totally focused on delivering the creation. That is why we monitor the entire process of all the content we create – from the recruitment to the execution. For us, a perfect delivery is unnegotiable.

Zé, where does the inspiration come from?

It comes from the from my daughter’s laughter, from a from the silence, the sudden movements of life, from the smell of the cake that my mother used to bake, from the chords of my guitar, from the inspiring eyes of my friends. It comes from the desire to transform and to see the world free from stereotypes and prejudices. It comes from listening with empathy, from the longing that sometimes can hurt. It comes from the passion for music and art. All these things make me feel alive. And feeling alive inspires me. In this way, ideas, solutions, and strategies are born. When I can dare and innovate, I can be (LEVE) light and weightless.
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